Hearing Aids

We offer the latest in digital hearing aid technology for our patients.  Our audiologist works with several hearing instrument manufacturers such as Siemens, Phonak, Oticon and others. Our audiologist will work with you to find a hearing solution to accommodate your particular hearing loss, lifestyle and price range.

Hearing aids are not typically a covered benefit under most health insurance plans, including Medicare.*  They can range in price depending on the features of each instrument.  Once a hearing aid is paid for in full we offer a thirty (30) day trial/evaluation period.  At the end of the thirty day trial period if the patient is dissatisfied for any reason with the hearing aid it may be returned for full credit less an ear mold/audiologist service fee of $250.00 (per hearing aid).

For more information regarding our hearing aid pricing and the features and level of technology offered on each instrument please contact our audiologist at (404) 250-1216.

*Traditional Medicare does not cover any hearing aids even though they are medically necessary devices.  Medicare will only cover the testing of a patient's hearing for the purposes of diagnosing a hearing loss, which is done by a physician.  Medicare will not cover hearing testing as it directly relates to hearing aids.